Graduated in Business Administration (specialization in Economics and Banking Sciences). Has been working for over 30 years in the corporate, administrative and fiscal areas. Since 1990 a Member of Regional Council of Experts and Adepts in the area of taxes, administration and accounting, maintained by the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo. She is a member of LAPET (Expert and Adept Tax Association) where she is the National Auditor and current President for the Province of Bergamo. The Studio Aresi headquarters in the city of Mozzanica is currently the official LAPET headquarters for the Province of Bergamo.
Moreover, since 1980 she acquired full autonomy to manage the entire process for the 1329 Sabatini Law, created to encourage and support the purchases of goods through financing for small and medium companies of any sector.
She is an official defender of the Tax Commission, the responsible organ for all the disagreements that have as object taxes of any nature. (CTU Court of Bergamo).
She is authorized by the Court of Bergamo to defend the client in tax commissions, also an advisor in the board of CDO (Construction Company) for the Province of Bergamo, fiscal intermediate appointed by Federal Revenue for the telematic transmissions of data and the relations with the Revenue, technical advisor of the Court of Bergamo.