Consultancy for financing
We offer assistance for having credits with regional or state public contributions, leasing, the Sabatini law, etc.

Health support and working security
The Company, together with Lapet Sicurezza, takes care of security in the workplace  regarding the laws for noise levels, anti-fire system, RSPP, RLS, First Aid and everything for the security of the working place, offices, industrial and trading activities, also organizing training courses about it.

Courses for staff for the food sector
Studio Aresi organizes courses for people working for companies in the food sector. We provide training in skills related to business management, to safety and health at work, and hygiene and sanitary standards and H.A.C.C.P (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Organization of conferences
We organize meetings and conferences around the territory of Bergamo for the projects of the companies of the area.
Our partners are known nationwide and recognized by the proper association, with publications in the magazines and journals of the field.

Elaboration of accountancy data
We offer services regarding the company accounting, with high professionalism and state-of-the art computer support.

Management control
This is the examination and valuing the internal management control system, for the company to define the objectives and support the decisions taken. Areas of intervention: company planning, programming and control of costs, budgeting and reporting.